September 5, 2019 thinkjcw

Episcopal School Academic Commons Case Study

Episcopal School

The Cangelosi Ward team is immensely proud to be the general contractors behind the creation of Episcopal Baton Rouge’s new Academic Commons building.  In collaboration with Crump Wilson Architects, we built a quality space that we are excited to see the school utilize and enjoy.

Our goal was to create a modern, open facility with highly functional rooms down every hallway. We worked closely with Crump Wilson and Episcopal at every juncture to ensure we created the space exactly how everyone envisioned it. 

Brad Bourgeois, Cangelosi Ward Project Manager, said, “It really made this thing come together because we’re all in it for the same reason – to bring these students the best facility we could.”

With this unified goal in mind, we were able to construct a unique and innovative space tailored to the students’ and teachers’ needs. We implemented several modern and technological aspects that we knew would enhance the educational environment. John Kojis, Director of Operations at Episcopal says, “Everybody who has been here loved the building. They’re very comfortable. Teachers find it really easy to work in.” 

Not only was our team fortunate enough to work with Episcopal, but we were also elated to share the experience with Crump Wilson Architects. Shawn Fisher, architect and partner at Crump Wilson, said “Cangelosi Ward was great in that they took the project and knew exactly how to execute it. They’re well-organized. All the steps were in place. They executed very well.” 

Our partnership with Episcopal will continue as we act as the general contractors for the new athletic field house, the first new athletic building on campus since 1982.

The field house is slated to be a multi-use facility where students of all ages can take physical education classes, participate in strength training and prepare for interscholastic sports.